Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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    We're Ready for You to Join Our Family!

    Are you looking for a commercial driver’s license? The best truck driving school Cincinnati has to offer is Napier Trucking School. The allure of a trucking career is no mystery. Travel, a reliable and valuable job, and a great pay scale are all draws for the long-distance trucking industry. With over 10,000 trained students, Napier … Continue reading “CDL Training Works at Napier”

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    Opportunities for Women in the Trucking Industry

    What’s stopping you from beginning your truck driving career? Are you worried about whether you’ll be accepted into the truck driving “fraternity”? These days, women are finding a place in most occupations, even those that have long been male-only. It’s not unusual to see a woman working as an auto mechanic, a combat soldier, or … Continue reading “Women in Trucking: It’s Time”

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    Start Your Trucking Career at Napier!

    Students of Napier’s CDL training program are putting themselves in a great position to find a great job as a commercial truck driver. There is currently a nationwide shortage of professionally trained drivers and those with the right training and experience are in high demand by carriers looking to keep up with growing demand. One … Continue reading “Napier a leader in professional CDL training”

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    Finding the Best CDL Training Option For You

    When you decide that you want to become a truck driver, the first step you’ll need to take is to get your commercial drivers license (CDL). There are different ways you can go about getting your CDL, you can either enroll in a truck driving school or complete training with a trucking company. Explore the … Continue reading “Trucking School vs. Company Training”

  • Three different types of trucks: semi, tanker, and box truck

    Type of Driving Jobs for Class A CDL

    There are different classifications of CDL licenses and each allows you to drive different types of vehicles. It’s your responsibility as a driver to understand the type of CDL you need to get the job you want. Class A CDL Vehicles Your Class A CDL will allow you to operate a large range of vehicles … Continue reading “What Can I Drive With My Class A CDL?”

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    Ask these questions to land the perfect trucking job!

    When you’re looking at starting a new job in the trucking industry, there are certain things you should be asking recruiters to find the best fit for you. These 50 questions will help you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into before you sign a contract with the company. What kinds of freight does the … Continue reading “50 Questions To Ask Recruiters”