Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

Check out this selection of articles below to learn more about career choices and how to prepare for in-demand job opportunities.

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    The Ins and Outs of the Exam

    Getting your CDL and starting your driving career can be simple with training from Napier, but before you begin, there’s one more step you’ll need to take before hitting the road—the DOT physical exam. What is the DOT Physical Exam? The DOT (Department of Transportation) exam is a physical exam required for drivers of commercial … Continue reading “Getting Your DOT Physical”

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    Learning to Become Successful in Your First Year

    Once you graduate from CDL training and obtain your Class A CDL, it’s time to get out on the road and begin your new professional truck driving career. Going out for the first solo drive can be nerve-wracking for some. One way to ease this stress is by ensuring you are fully prepared before departing … Continue reading “Tips for First-Year Truck Drivers”

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    How to be the most efficient driver on the road

    Once you have completed training and hit the open road, you will need to learn how to make the most of your time. Being an efficient truck driver will help you succeed and help you earn more money. The following tips are ways you can become the most efficient driver. Plan your route before leaving … Continue reading “Five Trucking Efficiency Tips”

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    Never Be Without the Essentials

    One of the most important (and often hardest) steps for truck drivers is packing. Make sure you’re adequately prepared by making a list and asking yourself some questions. Do you have your personal products ready to go? Is your commercial driver’s license packed? Have you built an emergency tool kit? No matter how long you … Continue reading “Must-Have Essentials for Truck Drivers”

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    Learn what makes regional trucking so appealing

    Many people know about OTR (Over the Road) and local truck driving. Still, one job that is often overlooked is regional trucking. Regional truck drivers are tasked with the responsibility to haul freight in specific regions of the United States. Regional driving allows drivers to have more dedicated routes as they may have deliveries to … Continue reading “Regional Truck Driving: What is it?”

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    The Importance of Truck Driver's Role in the Supply Chain Proven.

    With every passing day, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in the lives of people all over the world. Stores, businesses, hospitals, and more struggle to get essential supplies and keep up with demand. Keeping the supply chain from collapse has proved challenging, especially in the United States where a well-documented truck driver shortage has … Continue reading “Truck Drivers Deemed Heroes Amid COVID-19 Crisis”