Helpful Information About Truck Driving Careers

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  • Two truck drivers looking at files in front of a semi.

    Ask these questions to land the perfect trucking job!

    When you’re looking at starting a new job in the trucking industry, there are certain things you should be asking recruiters to find the best fit for you. These 50 questions will help you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into before you sign a contract with the company. What kinds of freight does the … Continue reading “50 Questions To Ask Recruiters”

  • Trucker sitting in driver seat, talking on intercom

    Start Your New Career This Year!

    As we ring in 2019, many are looking for ways to better their lives in the new year. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on improving your career! If you’ve been on the hunt for an in-demand field with high-earning potential, you’ll want to consider becoming a professional truck driver. … Continue reading “New Year⏤New Trucking Career”

  • A collage of Napier Truck Driver Training students.

    From Our Family To Yours!

    Everyone at Napier Truck Driver Training would like to wish you Happy Holidays! 2018 has been quite a year for the school. With so many students graduating from our training facility, we have had quite a busy year. We’ve seen veterans, wives, married couples, best friends, and more come through our doors and finish their … Continue reading “Happy Holidays From Napier Truck Driver Training”

  • Semi driving down the highway

    Start Your CDL Training This Year!

    As we approach 2019 it’s time to start considering what the New Year will mean for the trucking industry. The good news is that the future of trucking looks quite positive as we look toward 2019. Things are believed to continue on the up-and-up throughout the year, even moving into 2020! Consumer Demand Continues Rising … Continue reading “2019 Trucking Industry Outlook”

  • Semi driving with sunset in the background

    Explore the exciting world of trucking!

    Many people wonder what a career as a professional truck driver would look like for them. In fact, you may be curious if it’s time to get your CDL license and hit the road! If you enjoy driving, are interested in new adventures, and want to see the country, then trucking might be perfect for you! Even … Continue reading “Should I Go To Trucking School?”

  • Military soldier saluting in front of American flag

    An Easy Transition for Veterans

    Many members of the military come home from the service and are wondering what the next step in their career is. Veterans may also be feeling anxious about finding work immediately as they know they have families to support and bills to pay. Good news⏤the trucking industry has a lot to offer for military veterans! … Continue reading “From Military to Trucking”