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What Do Older Truck Drivers Like About The Job?

Here's What Experienced Drivers Love About Trucking!

Every job has its fair share of challenges and benefits. Unfortunately, some individuals apply for openings in various companies without an idea of what to expect. If you lack insight into your obligations when applying for a particular job, you may not enjoy what you do or it may be a difficult adjustment.

There are a few things most experienced truck drivers enjoy most about the job. Here are some things you can look forward to in your new trucking career!

High Earning Potential

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road depending, especially long-haul truckers. The upside to spending so much time on the road is the high earning potential that comes along with it. The best thing is that pay increases with more experience. Over time, you will gain access to better-paying CDL jobs.

Access to Better Benefits

Truck drivers can receive a variety of benefits depending on the job. The quality of their benefits may depend on how risky their job is, the distance they cover, among other things. Experienced truck drivers with a clean record are favorited among carriers!

Travel Opportunities

Unless they’re working local, truck drivers are required to travel to various destinations. As a result, they gain experiences one would never get working in an office. Take Napier graduate, Mike Maloney, for example. Mike has been able to travel all over the US and even meet with long-lost family members along the way. All because of his career in trucking!

Making New Friends

It is not unusual to build lasting relationships on your journeys as a truck driver. Traveling truck drivers meet many new faces on their routes and that becomes an opportune moment for creating new friends!

Interacting with New Technology

Rapid changes in technology have now become a norm, and the trucking industry is no exception. New trucks with comfortable, ergonomic seats, help keep drivers alert throughout their journey. Most individuals and companies will entrust trucks featuring the latest inventions to experienced drivers.

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