Collage of CDL graduate travels on the road.

Napier Graduate Shares His Journey on the Road

Mike Maloney Reconnects With Family Members Through Trucking!

Freight is always moving on the highway, and Napier graduate, Mike Maloney, took notice of this shortly after being laid off from his previous job in sales. He suddenly understood the change of industries could be a way to fulfill his passions of driving and traveling! So, he wasted no time and immediately start training for a new career he knew would change his life in many ways. However, he had no way of knowing just how many surprises life on the road would have in store for him.

An Easy Hire After CDL Training at Napier

After finishing his Class A CDL training at Napier, Mike was immediately hired by US Xpress. His adventure began with his training at US Xpress where he spent five weeks shadowing an experienced driver based in Connecticut. “I spent those weeks driving all around New England; Maine, New Hampshire, Long Island, etc. I had a blast seeing new places and trying new food,” he said, adding with delight that he got to see all the leaves turning during the fall as he trained.

Though he enjoyed the position with US Xpress, another opportunity presented itself from an old friend he met during his training at Napier. “He told me about a company called PTG Logistics that needed a driver in Dayton to deliver product to Lowes Hardware stores in a 5 state area. I was home most every night but occasionally did an overnight in Pittsburgh,” he said. “After PTG I went to work for Carry Transit, a food grade tanker company. I had a lot of fun here. This job gave me the opportunity to visit family members in California, Chicago, Dallas, and Florida.”

Reconnecting With Family on the Road

He had lost contact with his dad’s side of the family after his father passed away when he was only two years old and his mother remarried. Through his career as a professional truck driver, Mke was able to reconnect with lost family members! He reconnected with his cousin, Maureen, after a mutual cousin reached out to them from “Maureen and I had only talked on the phone a few times when she said she would be in Cincinnati to visit a nephew and we met at a pizza place for a few hours. I joked then that it would be quite a while before I could make it to California,” he said. But, to his surprise, it was just a couple months when his dispatcher asked him if he wanted to go out west. “I contacted her as soon as I knew I was leaving and asked her if she was available and did she have room for me to stay or parking for the truck!”

It seemed like fate when they realized the terminal was only an hour from Maureen’s home. “I arrived and delivered the load on Friday morning, then drove to the terminal where Maureen and her husband Roger picked me up. I told the dispatcher I would like a little more than the usual 34-hour reset and he said that was fine. I spent the weekend with her and met her husband, daughter, and son-in-law, as well as her granddaughter. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge, and of course, “In & Out Burger” which is famous in Cali! A lot of the time was spent reminiscing since she knew my father before he passed. This was the best part. She could tell me stories of what he was like. Her father was my father’s twin brother! I drove through parts of the Mojave Desert, which was a neat experience!”

Thankful for a Career in Trucking

Mike shared with us some of his favorite things about being a truck driver, and what he’s up to these days. “Seeing new people and reconnecting with family. I also got to see a niece who I also never knew until recently because my sister gave her up for adoption. She lived in Dallas. Friends and family in Chicago as well as a buddy in Dallas, and then I also got to see my father-in-law in Florida! Currently, I work at USF Holland. I left Carry to get back home nights. While I enjoyed the road, I am getting older with grand-kids and I desired to see them more often. I am home every night and get my weekends off so I am happy!”

Collage of CDL graduate travels on the road.

Interested in Getting Your CDL?

Where would you want to go if you could travel around the US and get paid for it? Mike is living proof that the possibilities are in trucking are endless. The CDL training offered at Napier Truck Driver Training can give you the skills you need to succeed in just 5 weeks! We’re here to help you reach your career goals. Contact us today to learn more about an exciting new career in trucking!