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Must-Have Essentials for Truck Drivers

Packing List for Truck Drivers

What truck driver essentials do you need when you are on the road? Packing can be one of the most important steps for truck drivers when going on a long trip. You want to make sure you do not forget anything from your packing list at home so you can have a successful trip. 

Do you have your personal products ready to go? Is your commercial driver’s license packed? Do you have any emergency tools packed? These are all important questions to ask before you head out on the road. A little planning goes a long way. Before you start your next trip, look through this packing list for truck drivers to make sure you have these essential items.

Personal Products for Truckers

Personal products are necessary for truck drivers to have with them while on the road. These are items that you would always bring on a vacation such as clothes, medications, and toiletries. 

It is crucial to pack a variety of clothes, especially for drivers traveling across different terrains. Be sure to pack a rain jacket and a heavy coat. Weather conditions can vary and affect your truck, the docks and interiors at your pick-up and delivery locations, and even elements of roadside stops. It is also important to pack high-visibility clothing for any unexpected roadside stops that truck drivers might have to make. This will help protect you from oncoming traffic.

If you take any medication regularly, be sure to pack your regular dosage along with a few extra doses. Trips could be extended by bad weather or a load taking longer than anticipated. If you do take any medications, always ensure they are approved under the Department of Transportation and reviewed by a medical professional certified under the DOT.  

Toiletries are other essential items for truck drivers. You will save money by packing your own toiletries. Buy a small shower bag or shower caddy and fill it with all of your necessary items such as body wash, shampoo, and toothpaste.

Emergency Supplies Truck Drivers Should Have

Emergency supplies are another must-have packing list addition for truck drivers. Between winter blizzards and summer storms, you never know what types of road conditions you will face. That is why it is so crucial to pack emergency supplies like a flashlight and batteries, a first aid kit, and basic tools. 

If you find yourself needing to make a stop to fix something in the dark, your flashlight will come in handy. They can also act as a signaling option if you need help from another driver on the road. Truckers should remember to pack some extra batteries in case you need to switch them out of the flashlight or other devices that you decide to bring.

Another item to pack is a first aid kit. You never know when you or another driver could need help. Items such as bandages, sterile gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, and disposable gloves are just some of the essentials truck drivers need to pack.

A basic toolkit is another must-have for truck drivers to pack before going on a trip. Truck drivers are not expected to be mechanics, but having a few tools on hand can save a lot of time for easy repairs instead of having to wait for an emergency maintenance team. Consider packing a screwdriver, sledgehammer, and wrench.  

Important Truck Driver Documents

Before you head out on the road, be sure to double-check that you have all of the essential driving documents. Whether you call it a permit book, paperwork binder, or document folder, double-check that you have your necessary documents packed. Some documents to consider double-checking include your Class A CDL, insurance, and registration.

Other documents might be required depending on which trucking company you work for and what goods you are transporting. Without these documents, you can run into some serious consequences. Make sure you have a list and make certain everything is packed before you head out on the road.

We know that these must-have essentials for truck drivers can be easy to forget when you start packing. We hope this list helps you next time you are about to begin your journey. 

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