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OTR Trucking: Essential Electronics

The Best Technology for You and Your Truck

Updated April 2023 

Life on the open road can offer a lot, but it also comes with unique challenges. Driving a big rig is not the same as driving your everyday vehicle. However, there are some electronic gadgets that can make life on the road a bit easier. Here is our list of trucking technology that every driver should have with them.

1. GPS

Knowing where you need to go is fundamental, and while many trucks and trucking companies include these already, be sure you have a good one in case they don’t. Truck-enabled GPS devices have features that differ from everyday commercial GPS, including truck-specific information like overhead data, bridge and lane restrictions, truck routes, and traffic updates. These will also include service locations and other points of interest geared toward professional drivers. Allow for map updates as well, so your device is never out of date.

2. Cooking Equipment

No matter what you’re eating on the road, it’s a good idea to have some cooking equipment with you. This can allow you to make fewer stops as well. Consider adding a miniature fridge, microwave, and coffee maker to your truck. These things do not take up much room and can open up a variety of new meal options. For those inclined to do more complex cooking, consider purchasing an electric skillet or something similar.

3. Entertainment

If you’re on the road for long periods, it’s more than likely that you’ll have downtime here and there. Adding sources of entertainment to your truck may be worthwhile. While you shouldn’t be watching tv while driving, it’s not a bad thing to have one in the cab for when you’re relaxing. Along with this, you may want to have a laptop or a handheld gaming system to occupy your time with. And though Wi-Fi is becoming more accessible, it’s not available everywhere. With this in mind, you may want to invest in a wireless hotspot. This will allow you to have internet access wherever you go, making work and personal matters easier to take care of.

4. Power Station

As we have become a more technology-based world, every device requires a different type of charger. Keeping some kind of power or charging station can help simplify your life. Being able to plug in more than one device is a lot easier than finding car chargers for everything. Just make sure to purchase one with an appropriate rating, or you may end up overloading and shorting the service life, leaving you frustrated when it burns out.

Technology has come a long way, and trucking technology has come even further. With many more devices available, many are becoming included features in newer cabs. Devices like mini-fridges, microwaves, and space heaters can add a lot to the living conditions of a sleeper, making time on the road more comfortable.

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