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5 Ways To Be Healthier On The Road

Tips for a healthy trucking lifestyle!

More truck drivers than ever before are demanding healthy options while on the road. Changing one’s habits is key to being able to live a healthier lifestyle.

The following are 5 ways truck drivers can make small changes to their habits on the road to help them live healthier lives than they would if they continued with the old habits they had before:

Drink Plenty of Water

It is recommended that a minimum of 8 cups water is consumed each day which equals 64 oz. or 1/2 of a gallon of water. If that sounds like a lot of water, for many people it is. Many people are chronically under hydrated and don’t get nearly enough water on a daily basis. Trading in the Big Gulp sodas or sweet teas for water can help you reach the requirement for water intake for each day.

Make Healthier Food Choices

This doesn’t mean you quit eating or don’t enjoy your food anymore, it just means making better choices. For example, if you are having potato chips, maybe baked potato chips are better than regular ones. Getting a salad instead of fries as a side to a meal is another great healthy habit. Choosing grilled meats rather than fried ones are another easy swap that makes a huge difference. The small choices can add up and make a big difference in your overall health!

Get In Some Exercise

It may seem as though there aren’t any options to exercise on the road. After all, most of your time is spent behind the wheel! Long-haul truck drivers need to be creative when it comes to staying active, it is unlikely that you will have time to stop at a gym. The most realistic option is to┬ákeep exercise equipment in your truck like free weights, a yoga mat, or resistance bands. Dedicating even just 20-30 minutes to lift some weights or take a few laps around the parking lot before bed will make a positive impact on your overall health.

Get Enough Rest

Many companies now requiring that drivers stop driving for 11 hours and rest for at least 10 consecutive hours. This helps ensure that drivers are getting plenty of sleep each night so they can be alert on the road. Not only does it help keep the general public safe, but it also protects the driver! Ultimately it is the drivers’ responsibility to get enough rest throughout their route.

Plug Into Something Engaging

Whether you enjoy music, audiobooks or podcasts, finding something interesting to listen to while you are driving can help keep you awake, and most importantly focused on the road. That alertness can help you be the safest driver possible while also keeping your drive interesting and engaging.

These are just a few tips that drivers can use to help keep them as healthy and safe as possible on the road. It doesn’t have to be a full lifestyle change, but it will require some concerted efforts to ensure that the habits you make on the road are healthier ones that can be sustained in the future.

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