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Regional Truck Driving: What is it?

Learn what makes regional trucking so appealing

Many people know about OTR (Over the Road) and local truck driving. Still, one job that is often overlooked is regional trucking. Regional truck drivers are tasked with the responsibility to haul freight in specific regions of the United States. Regional driving allows drivers to have more dedicated routes as they may have deliveries to the same businesses. Region sizes tend to be dictated by the population of the states per region. Most regions tend to have between 4-5 states within them or around a 1000-mile radius that drivers will deliver to.

Why choose regional trucking

For many, the benefits of the job are one of the first things they look at when deciding if it is the right fit for them. That should be the same for truck drivers when choosing between OTR, regional, or local driving. The thing that makes regional trucking so appealing to many is that it combines the worlds of OTR and local.


    • More time at home: Since regional drivers mainly have deliveries during the week, they then have time off on the weekends, which allows them to be home more often than OTR drivers.
    • Better relationships: Regional drivers can have dedicated routes that allow them to get to know the area they drive in and build a relationship with the people they are serving.
    • Travel: Many drivers enjoy the open road and the travel that comes with it. For regional drivers still get to experience that thrill of travel as they are moving between states.


    • Sleeping on the road: Due to regional drivers having to travel in-between states, they will have to spend nights either in hotels or in the cab of their truck.
    • Quick turnaround: Most jobs that regional drivers take cross state lines which means that deadlines can be tight due to the distance, which leaves little time for drivers to have out of the truck.

The pay drivers receive for being a regional truck driver can be seen as either a pro or con, as most drivers are paid by the mile. Regional drivers are paid more than local drivers as they drive more miles; however, OTR is still the best-paid driver. The benefits that companies offer tend to be similar for all three types of drivers; however, they still differ in some ways.

Regional driving may be exactly what certain people are looking for as it combines OTR and local driving. Napier trains our students to be career-ready upon graduating. Our Job Placement program aims to help graduates find a trucking career that fits them, and their family needs best.

If you are ready to get your CDL and begin your career as a Regional Truck driver. Contact Napier at 888-368-2495 or contact us today!

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