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Tips for First-Year Truck Drivers

Learning to Become Successful in Your First Year

Once you graduate from CDL training and obtain your Class A CDL, it’s time to get out on the road and begin your new professional truck driving career. Going out for the first solo drive can be nerve-wracking for some. One way to ease this stress is by ensuring you are fully prepared before departing on this journey. Check out our tips below on how you can successfully begin your first year of driving.

Keep Expectations in Check for Your First-Year

At the beginning of your career, you won’t be taking home as much money as some of the veteran drivers at your company. However, this is standard for any job, so don’t get discouraged! Once you prove that you are a reliable and safe driver for the company, they will be more inclined to give you a raise. Keeping your expectations at a realistic level will help motivate you to become a better driver and want to keep learning while out on the road.

Safety Matters Most

Safety is at the forefront of everything in the trucking industry and is no exception when driving. Navigating your routes safely is the top priority for your company, especially as a first-year driver. When driving, make sure to watch your speed and give the cars around you plenty of room. Subtle things such as checking the weather before you leave can also go a long way in helping you prepare for the drive and route you will be taking. Staying accident-free in your first year is more important than racking up miles. These small measures create trust with your company and could quickly increase your earning potential.

Develop Strong Communication Skills

Good communication is a must-have skill in almost every job today, including truck driving. Staying in touch with your dispatcher as a first-year driver can show your company that you are reliable and builds trust with your dispatcher. By keeping in touch, your company will know exactly where you are and if you would need anything in the event of an emergency or break-down on the road.

Communication skills aren’t only for your company, but also for your friends and family! Staying in touch with loved ones while on the road can be a good way to keep yourself company, even if they aren’t physically with you. This can be important for over-the-road drivers as they can be out for weeks at a time before going home. Keeping in contact with family and friends can also boost your morale while driving and give you something to look forward to when you get home.

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