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Life as an OTR Driver

An Inside Look at the Over The Road Lifestyle

Life as an OTR truck driver can have its pros and cons. While there are benefits that make this the ideal career and lifestyle for some, there are also challenges that need to be considered. It is important that you find out which career path is best for you. We will look through some of the advantages and disadvantages of over-the-road trucking.

Living in Your Truck

Advantage & Disadvantage

Depending on your living preferences, this can be seen as a pro or con. One benefit is being able to take your ‘home’ with you. Your belongings and living space will travel with you where ever you go. Therefore you do not need to consistently move your things. However, having your home on the road can become lonely for some. Rather than coming home to family every night, you will be alone while you are on the road. This can also be isolating if you’re not careful though.



The pay rate of being an OTR Truck Driver is one of the few aspects that just about everyone sees as a plus. Drivers who complete their CDL training can expect to earn up to $50,000 in their first year. Additionally, while you live in your truck, you usually do not need to pay rent or utility bills. With the lack of living expenses, OTR drivers have the flexibility to save their money.



One of the downsides of this job can be dealing with the traffic. As an OTR driver, you will be traveling through major cities and high-traffic areas. This can sometimes result in slow-moving traffic and additional travel times. Occasionally, OTR drivers need to exercise their patience while on the road.


Advantage & Disadvantage

The upsides of OTR driving is you get to travel across the United States. You get to tour parts of the country you may never have seen without this job! Depending on the routs, being an OTR truck driver can be like being a professional tourist. However, a mentioned before, as an OTR driver, you are required to travel long distances for the job. This can sometimes get tiring and you have to be prepared for long hours in your truck.

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