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5 Reasons To Get Your CDL

Find out if a CDL Career is Right for You

Updated December 2021

If you are looking for a steady career and a solid paycheck with benefits, getting your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) may be worth a hard look and thoughtful consideration. With Napier, you would have the option to receive a Class A CDL. This enables the holder to operate vehicles up to a gross weight of 26,000 pounds that include a hind portion gross weight over 10,000 pounds. Since businesses require and are dependent upon commercial transport, commercial drivers are always in demand. The following points could help you decide if you are interested in becoming a commercial driver.

1. A Traditional Work Setting Doesn’t Interest You

Working in an office is certainly not for everyone. Sitting at a desk, attending meetings, and pushing paperwork may not interest you. Therefore, obtaining a CDL and driving commercially can be a great option. You will have more flexible workday hours and would obviously be traveling to different locations almost every day.

2. You Enjoy Driving

Enjoyment of driving is definitely a prerequisite for someone considering a career in trucking. You could be an ORT (Over-The-Road) driver and travel across long distances. Or, you could drive locally and stay in a consistent area for most of your career. Both can be options with a CDL. It is important to find out which works for you.

3. Not Pursuing a College Degree

Obtaining a four-year degree is not the best option for every individual.  Students can take on a lot of debt while obtaining a college degree. However, CDL training can take as little as 5 weeks. Additionally, many companies have programs to pay for your CDL training in exchange for your promise to work for them after graduation. Therefore, you can start earning money quickly without putting yourself into debt to complete the training.

4. You Want a Steady Career

Commercial truck drivers are always in demand because there will always be a need for transportation. A CDL can help you always feel secure in your line of work while providing a steady paycheck along the way.

As of 2021, the current shortage of drivers is approximately 80,000 according to the American Trucking Association. Along with plenty of available jobs, trucking companies have begun increasing pay to drivers. Major trucking carriers such as Werner, Schneider, and Stevens Transport have increased salaries and pay structures to stay competitive in the industry. That means more money in your pocket as a driver.

5. You Want to Build Your Own Career

With a CDL you have the option to receive a Class-A-CDL, a Class-B-CDL, or a Passenger CDL. Each option allows the holder to pick and choose which type of career he or she would like to have. Additionally, a career in trucking can often lead to drivers working their way up to be an owner/operator.  Therefore, you will never be stagnant. Your career is what you make of it.

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