Image of Dallas Young, former Napier student in front of red Home Run, Inc. truck

Dallas Young: A Napier Success Story

Napier Produces Another Successful Truck Driver

Dallas Young wanted to drive trucks since he was a kid. However, but it wasn’t until the plant where he worked a for 17 years closed down he finally decided to pursue a career in trucking. When it came time to choosing the right school for CDL training, Napier was his obvious choice. Young was born and bred in Ohio and Napier was local just like him. They also had the best reputation among trucking companies.

Where did you begin working after graduation from Napier?

“I graduated in July of 2017 and had already been pre-hired by several companies, including McElroy Truck Lines, and Boyd Bros. I always had my heart set on being a flatbed, so that is what I focused on. In the end, it was the family feel at HomeRun that convinced me to accept a job with them. Even two years later I am still happy!”

How was your first year trucking with HomeRun?

Young’s first year of trucking came with a learning curve. “The first six months of being on my own I learned so much! To be honest, I am still learning every day. The biggest challenge for me was being away from home. It gets lonely.” Young wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue this truck driving lifestyle. However, he discussed his challenges with the owners at HomeRun and they immediately offered him a more local position. “I am home nearly every night. Best move I ever made! I work harder driving local than OTR, but I like it that way!”

What is the most rewarding part of being a truck driver for HomeRun?

“In May and October of 2018, I was awarded the Trucker of the Month Award.  Then, in January 2019 HomeRun told me I was named Trucker of the Year for 2018!” Young’s schooling, hard work, and dedication had quickly paid off.

Why did you choose a career in flat bedding?

“I love the challenges flatbed trucking offers and the freedom that comes with it. Every day is different. All loads are secured differently on a flatbed. And then you have the weather. We are out in the sun, rain, snow, sleet, bitter temps, and scorching heat … You have to love being outdoors to enjoy a flatbed job.”

What does your future career in trucking look like?

Over the next 10 years, Young hopes to “still be getting paid to see the countryside, but only time will tell. My #1 goal when I started this path was to eventually be an owner-operator. Ultimately, I would like to get into heavy haul/oversize loads, within the next 10 years.”

If you are ready to break through those four office walls and explore the freedom of a new career in trucking, contact Napier today.

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