Image of truck the highway with vehicles driving with the words "What if trucking stopped?"

No Truckers for Three Days!

Do you know how important truckers are to your everyday life?

Trucking in the United States alone moves an estimated 71% of the total freight in the country, including medical supplies, food supplies, and many more. Sadly, if the trucking operations were to stop suddenly, the effects on the economy would be more devastating than anyone might expect. This explains the significant role truckers play in mitigating the adverse impact and ensuring the well-being of all Americans.

So, what would happen if truckers were to cease working for just three days?


Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers, together with the consumers, depend on regular delivery of medication and healthcare supplies to hospitals and pharmacies. The first day without trucking would mean a huge risk of running out of essential medical supplies, such as catheters and syringes, which are usually needed within hours after ordering. This would jeopardize health care services for cancer patients as their medication uses radiopharmaceuticals, which can only last for a few hours before expiring.

Transportation and Retail Sector

Beyond the effects on the healthcare industry, delivery of packages and mails would immediately come to a halt. Within a few hours of truck stoppage, busy gas stations would run out of fuel supplies as an average service station needs a delivery every two days. Grocery stores could start to run out of supplies due to panic buying by the consumers. There would also be more rampant delays in the manufacturing industry for the lack of components and materials. As a result, companies would incur substantial losses.


Retail, Banking and Waste Removal

The truck stoppage would, in the next two days, spur hoarding and immense increases in consumer purchases of essential goods such as powdered milk, bottled water, and canned foods. Eventually, this could end up in food shortages nationwide. ATMs and bank branches would be cashless. Shortages would materialize drastically, which could result in civil unrest. Without fuel, the pile-up of uncollected garbage would increase in urban and suburban zones.


As demonstrated, stopping all truck operations will have a swift and devastating impact on the American economy. With the current shortage of truck drivers in the US, there’s a greater need for trained truckers to meet the massive demand.

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