Pictured is the cab of a blue truck on a blue, clear day.

Truck readings show growth

Freight volumes are growing across the commercial truck industry, which is leading to a growing need for more professionally trained drivers.

Shipping volumes in North America, which includes the commercial truck industry, rose for the second-straight month, according to theCass Freight Index, and the FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index posted a reading of 9.52 in August, which was a full point higher than the previous month’s reading.

“For the first time since the recession, we experienced a peak shipping season bump in [shipping] volume,” the Cass Freight Index report stated. The report said that the increase “was driven mostly by a return to growth in the manufacturing sector.”

The report also showed that “on a month‐to‐month basis, freight shipment volume increased 1.7 percent in August and 2.7 percent in September.” The September levels were also higher than the previous year.

The FTR report is designed to show conditions in the commercial truck industry and readings above zero indicate a generally positive environment for truckers. “Readings above 10 would signal that volumes, prices, and margins are likely to be in a solidly favorable range for trucking companies,” TruckingInfo.com reported, and some trucking officials say the 10-point mark could be reached before the end of the year.

The commercial truck industry has been showing rapid growth in recent years and that growth has continued in 2013. A growing truck industry means there is a growing demand for commercial truck drivers, especially those with professional CDL training from a school like Napier, where students receive the instruction and experience that today’s employers are looking for as they seek to meet growing demand.

The majority of freight shipped in America travels on the back of a commercial truck and as shipping volumes rise, so does business for the nation’s truck industry. Commercial trucks are seeing the demand for both short- and long-haul routes increase as the manufacturing and construction sectors each show their own growth. As the overall economy continues to rebound from the 2008 recession, the commercial truck sector should continue to experience rapid growth and that will mean more and more professionally trained truck drivers will be needed to meet growing demand.

Truck carriers across the country are looking for more drivers, but there is currently a shortage of trained truckers and that is making those students of CDL programs like the one at Napier in demand. If you are looking to launch a new career in the commercial truck field then now is the time to complete a CDL training program. The trucking sector continues to grow and that means the need for more trained truck drivers will also continue to rise.