Pictured are trucks and cars traveling on a highway.

Global changes have actually helped trucking sector

Changes in the global economy have posed many challenges for workers in the United States over the past few years and those challenges don’t appear to be getting any easier in the near future. But, the trucking industry has experienced growth in hiring while other sectors have had to let workers go.

“We’re seeing the continued effects of the weak labor market and the long-term trends involving technology and globalization,” said Lawrence Katz, an economics professor at Harvard, “Our self-inflicted wounds from austerity are also exacerbating things.”

Globalization has played a big part in the employment changes of the past decade as many industries, like the auto industry, have suffered with a push to manufacture goods in other countries in an effort to cut costs. However, the commercial truck industry has actually been helped by the growth of globalization and that has helped the trucking sector remain a consistent employer while other industries were laying off employees.
As Katz said, technology and globalization are putting a strain on employment, but the commercial truck industry is one place where those two factors are helping workers, rather than hurting them.

Globalization means there are more shipments coming in and out of the United States. The majority of all good transported in the nation spend some time on the back of a commercial truck and the majority of goods shipped into the nation’s major coastal ports are also likely to end up on a commercial truck.

Technology has also helped the trucking sector and new ways to recording shipments and tracking deliveries has made the trucking industry much more efficient.

The trucking industry also benefits from the fact that you can’t outsource a driver. The trucking industry, unlike other sectors, can’t just pick up shop and move to China. The commercial truck industry has remained American and the growth of the global economy has added jobs here in the States. The commercial truck industry has a large demand for drivers with professional CDL training and it has been one of the largest employers in recent years. It can be tough to find work in today’s economy, but the trucking industry has been a bright spot in an otherwise dark job market.

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