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New to trucking? Here are some great blogs!

Here's Some New Reading Material

Truckers are a unique breed in an industry that is vital to the health of the country. While you probably have buddies that you can talk shop with, there are other perspectives out there! Find new opportunities for career development, regulations coming down the pipeline — or even just for a few laughs. Blogs are the ultimate way to connect with other trucks on your own time. Looking for a new way to unwind during your next overnighter? Check out these four blog resources!

1. Trucking Truth

Direct Capital compiled a list of 50 diverse trucking blogs from across the internet. Most of these blogs aim at the business side of trucking. A nifty feature is the site’s inclusion of links to three posts from each blog featured. This provides you with an idea of the blog’s content without having to go down a rabbit hole that you might not be interested in exploring.

2. The Daily Rant

This personal blog is the brainstorm of a female trucker — a segment of the population that is on the rise. Smart and savvy, this blogger tells it like it is and is a very informative fount of knowledge for any level of truck driver — novice to pro.

3. Trailer Talk

Trailer Talk provides an overview of the many issues and features that truckers will want to know about in the industry. From trade shows in Europe that focus on the latest innovations in parts to dispelling myths that truckers are unsafe drivers — and lots of subjects in between — Trailer Talk has something of interest for everyone.

4. Trucker Dump

Trucker Dump chronicles one trucker insights and adventures as he tackles life as a trucker. Spanning a range of topics — from the serious to the lighthearted — you’ll walk away after reading the blog and have learned a thing or two.

The above are just four of the top blogs aimed toward truckers that are out there today. Which ones do you think should be included!

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