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Trucking Vlogs for New and Aspiring Drivers

The Best of YouTube for Truck Drivers

If you are looking to learn more about driving a truck and how to break into the business, there are many places you can turn to. The same is true if you simply want to learn more so you can be successful. A great place to turn to are several vlogs that professionals in the field create. These are some that you can tune in to in order to learn more about trucking.

Trucker Josh

Tricker Josh creates daily vlogs of his life on the road. His vlogs give a look at the day to day life of a trucker. His videos are a breath of fresh air and can bring some humor into the industry while also being truthful. You can view his YouTube channel here.

The Jade & John Show

You can tune into the Jade & John Show here. This duo creates vlogs both together and separately on this channel. They characterize their “show” as showing the lives of two people on one journey on the road. It is a great look at how you can keep a relationship strong while being a trucker.

Allie Knight

Allie Knight’s vlogs showcase her journey across the US. She updates her vlog every day and shows how every day can be different as a trucker. Many people view it as a mundane job but this vlog proves otherwise.

BigCat Trucker

The BigCat Trucker channel is one that will keep you laughing every day. He also introduces vlogs about food he has eaten while driving from all over the country and some motivation for fellow truckers.

Mr. Sinnizter Da Trucker

In this vlog, you can find all kinds of motivation from a trucker has been to the bottom and created a life for himself in the industry. His videos can help you find the motivation and determination you have been looking for  as a trucker or someone who wishes to be one.


Want to learn about more online trucking resources, take a look at these great blogs for drivers. Stay tuned to learn about some great truck driving podcasts!


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