Image of red and white semi truck driving on a highway with the words "OTR or Local driving?"

OTR or Local Driving? Which is Best for Me?

Understand Your Driving Options

When starting your trucking career, one of the first decisions you will have to make is if you want to drive local or hit the open road. If you love traveling and are interested in touring the country, OTR driving may be the option for you. But if you want to stay closer to home and be at home every night, you may want to stay local. With trucking jobs in high demand, finding an option that is right for you is possible!

Local Trucking

Local truck drivers move goods in their area and usually will drive for a specific store. For local driving, you will report to a hub in the morning and check back in in the evening. You can be confident you will be able to sleep in your own bed each night.

The Pros 

  • More time at home.
  • Familiar Territory
  • Dedicated Runs
  • Predictable daily routine.
  • No logbooks.

 The Cons

  • Long Days
  • Less flexible schedule.
  • Usually, more backing up and maneuvering required.
  • Generally lower average pay.
  • Less local jobs are available.

Over-the-Road Trucking

Long haul trucking “is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.” OTR stands for over-the-road trucking and these drivers travel all over the country.

The Pros

  • Independence and flexible schedule.
  • Higher average pay.
  • Travel
  • Higher job security.
  • Possibility of team driving.

The Cons

  • Away from home.
  • Irregular schedule.
  • OTR can get lonely.
  • Eating, showering and sleeping on the road.

Ultimately, you will have to decide which lifestyle is best for you, and your family.  At Napier Truck Driver Training Inc., you will have companies waiting for you to graduate. These companies offer local, regional, and over-the-road driver positions.

If you’re looking to break into a successful trucking career, we’re looking for you. Give us a call or stop by to know more about our school and the companies looking to hire drivers to keep America on the move.

The Time is Now.

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