Image of Elvis Presley in a truck

Elvis Presley was a Truck Driver Too

The King of Rock and Roll Started his Career as a Truck Driver

We all know truck drivers are the Rock Stars of the Road. America’s economy would not be the same without you. But did you know that the King of Rock and Roll started out as a truck driver too? Yes, Elvis Presley landed a job driving a truck out of high school. Ultimately, it was Elvis’ trucking career that led him to a successful music career!

Elvis Presley HairElvis Presley graduated high school in 1953. After graduation, Elvis took after his father, who was also a truck driver and took a job driving a truck for Crown Electric.  Elvis’ job with Crown Electric began in June of 1954. During this summer, Elvis learned more than how to drive a truck. He also learned the popular trucker hairstyle, which was the voluminous slicked back hairdo he sported for most of his career. He also kept up with songwriting during his time on the road. In his downtime, he would practice writing song lyrics and poems.  Even though Elvis embraced his new job, he always knew music was the way he wanted to go.

The truck Elvis was driving in 1954 is nothing compared to the big-rigs that are being driven today. His truck was a small two-door Chevrolet that was only a little longer than the typical pickup truck we see in 2019. The truck was so beat up, that Elvis had to scratch his favorite radio stations into the dashboard of the truck because he could not read the stations.

The same summer Elvis started his job, he took his shot in the music industry. He had his first audition for a legend in the music industry Eddie Bond. To most people’s surprise, it did not go very well. Eddie Bond told Elvis, “Stick to driving a truck, you’ll never make it as a singer.”

Elvis went on to prove Eddie Bond wrong and became one of the biggest celebrities in music, but what happened to Elvis’ truck?  His Crown Electric truck became his getaway car. Elvis used the car to have some alone time and get around the monstrous crowds surrounding his house. Elvis would take time for himself and the truck became a special sanctuary for him. We are sure many truckers can relate.

As National Truck Driver Appreciation Week gets underway, we want to take this moment not only to appreciate how the King of Rock and Roll got his start but to celebrate you. Truck drivers today keep America moving and our country would not be the same without you. We greatly thank you for your dedication and service to the industry, and we hope your career as a truck driver will always be a part of who you are; just like Elvis.

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