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New Years Resolutions for Truckers in 2018

Setting Goals for the New Year

For everyone, New Year’s Resolutions are something that the person desires to do or achieve that will help improve themselves. These resolutions are different for each person and can be related to health, finances, career, family, or other areas of life.

This is no different for truck drivers who want to improve their careers by setting resolutions for 2018.

Many drivers, however, may not be sure where they want to take their trucking careers or how to set these specific goals for themselves.

For those who may be throwing around ideas of how they want to improve their job performance and advance their trucking careers, we are here to help. Consider some of the following as great options for resolutions and job improvements that your boss will be sure to notice:

  • Drive Accident & Ticket Free:

    To improve driving make it your goal to drive without accidents (that you would be at fault for) or without getting any traffic violation tickets for the year of 2018. Every company loves and many will reward a safe driver.

  • Plan Your ETAs Better:

    If ETAs have been an issue, make it a priority to plan your ETAs closely as possible so your customers know when their products will be arriving at their location. The closer your ETAs are the easier it is for your customers to plan for you to deliver products and the better ratings customers are going to give your service.

  • Improve Family Life:

    Set aside a specific period or chunk of time each week or month when not behind the wheel logging miles to spend with your family and friends. Spending time with those who are important to you makes it clear to them that they are important in your life. No matter how busy you get to work and driving letting those you care about that you are there and care about them is always important. Spending time doing things with them is a great way to show that.

  • Sleep Better:

    If you do long-distance truck driving set a daily schedule that allows you to drive the same times and sleep at the same hours if at all possible. The closer you are to a normal sleep schedule the better you will sleep and the safer you will be driving as you won’t be overly exhausted.

  • Make Healthier Choices:

    Stop reaching for the candy bars at the truck stop and instead reach for fruit. Choose a whole grain bagel when on the go for breakfast instead of doughnuts. Drink your coffee black or with light creamer rather than the fancy drinks at Starbucks. The little choices will add up and ensure you are healthy and happy so you can keep working and providing for your family many years into the future.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, but when setting resolutions for 2018 choose a resolution that has health benefits and makes your life as a trucker better and easier!

For more information on goals you can set for yourself to become a safer, better driver in 2018 please feel free to contact us.

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