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50 Questions To Ask Recruiters

Ask these questions to land the perfect trucking job!

When you’re looking at starting a new job in the trucking industry, there are certain things you should be asking recruiters to find the best fit for you. These 50 questions will help you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into before you sign a contract with the company.

  1. What kinds of freight does the company haul?
  2. Is the company publicly traded? This can help you understand the financial health of the company since you can easily search online for the current stock price.
  3. Which state(s) does the company operate in the most?
  4. How many employees does the company have?
  5. Is it a team-driver opportunity?
  6. How many load planners are there? What is the planner-driver ratio? 
  7. What policies do they have for passengers?
  8. How many drivers does the company currently have?
  9. What is the company’s turnover rate? A high turnover rate will tell you that this is not a company you want to work for.
  10. How many empty trucks does the company have right now? If there are a lot of empty trucks, it’s a red flag that drivers are quitting faster than the company can hire to replace them.
  11. Can I bring my dog along with me on routes? If you want to bring your pet along, ask about their policy.
  12. How many terminals does the company have? Where are your terminals located?
  13. Do the trucks come with refrigerators already installed?
  14. Are the trucks single-bunk or double-bunk?
  15. How long does an average driver stay with the company?
  16. How will the miles you drive be calculated? 
  17. How much of your freight will be Drop and Hook?
  18. Are most jobs single-stop or multiple-stop?
  19. What is the driver load refusal policy?
  20. Is there an option to stay in a single geographical area or must a driver run wherever the company runs?
  21. Is the freight brokered?
  22. Which system is used for e-logs?
  23. Does the company pay for detention time?
  24. Are you required to unload the freight?
  25. What are the average freight miles?
  26. What types of trucks does the company prefer?
  27. What is the average age of the fleet?
  28. How long is the orientation program?
  29. Is there a fee for orientation?
  30. Is orientation paid?
  31. Is orientation on-site or at a different facility?
  32. Are drivers assigned to trucks?
  33. Does the fleet come with power inverters? If not, can the driver install one if so desired?
  34. Are the opportunities for pay raises?
  35. What benefits are included?
  36. How long is the probationary period before benefits are activated?
  37. Does the company offer a fuel bonus?
  38. Is there a safety bonus program?
  39. Is there a performance bonus?
  40. Longevity bonus?
  41. How are drivers expected to communicate with dispatchers?
  42. Are the trucks equipped with APUs?
  43. Is there an idle policy?
  44. Can drivers take their tractor with them during their home time?
  45. What is the policy for parking trailers during driver home time?
  46. Are team drivers required to share a hotel room or does the company pay for separate lodging?
  47. Is there a max pay-rate for drivers? This will help you determine if there are growth opportuntities offered to drivers.
  48. Does the company offer a lease-purchase program?
  49. What type of insurance are drivers required to carry?
  50. Are drivers responsible for finding insurance on their own?

Be sure to consider these 50 questions when you’re on the hunt for a new job in trucking. Asking these essential questions will save you time in the long-run as you won’t waste time on a job that isn’t worthwhile.

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