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What are my job options with a Class A CDL?

Explore trucking job opportunities!

One of the best parts of becoming a professional truck driver is the job security within the field. There is currently a shortage of truck drivers as older generations of drivers retire. The need for truck drivers will continue to grow with time, ensuring that there will always be a job out there for truck drivers. Products will always need to be transported and there will always be a need for truck drivers to transport them.

The trucking industry is very diverse and includes a lot of different driving options. Getting your Class A CDL will open doors to new opportunities you may have never expected. Explore your options!

Delivery Truck Driver

As a delivery truck driver, you may be delivering packages in either an urban or suburban setting. Generally, your destinations are businesses within a certain area or even people’s homes. Delivery truck drivers carry a large quantity of smaller packages, items, or shipments to pre-determined destinations within the same general area. Most delivery jobs are entry-level and offer lower pay than most other jobs in trucking.

Bus Driver

People don’t often think of a bus driver a “trucker”, but bus drivers are also required to have their Class A CDL in order to drive. Some would say that bus drivers have more responsibility than the standard truck driver. Instead of transporting packages, bus drivers are responsible for getting a large group of people from point A to point B. Whether they drive a city bus or take children to and from school, driving a bus means that people are depending on you to get to their destination safely and on time.

Heavy Equipment Hauler

A heavy equipment hauler will typically work in a construction setting operating dump trucks, concrete mixers, and other various construction-related equipment. These jobs are classified for anyone pulling equipment weighing more than 26,000 pounds. This hauling includes the total weight of the cargo, passengers, and vehicles all combined. Depending on the specific job, you could be driving across town or you might be hauling the equipment longer distances across several states.

OTR Trucking

Over-The-Road (OTR) truck drivers spend the most time on the road of all truck drivers. Long-hauling trucking jobs require you to drive at least a few hundred miles per day to make the delivery in time. OTR trucking routes could take anywhere from 2-5 weeks at a time to complete. OTR drivers work continuously for an extended period of time but are given typically a week or more off of work in between their routes to spend time at home.

These are just a few of the jobs you could get with a Class A CDL. If one path doesn’t work for you, there are still several other ways for you to utilize your CDL. Exploring your options will help you find rewarding work that you love! As you can tell, working as a professional truck driver can fit many different lifestyles and preferences.

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