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Is Trucking School Really Worth it?

Does CDL Training Make a Difference?

There are many things to consider when you are looking at a career as a truck driver. One question many people often ask is “is going to trucking school really worth it?”¬† The requirements for getting a CDL are minimal compared to the requirements in other trade industries. Trucking is one of the few careers you can get into without needing years of extra training. But, it’s no secret that it costs money to attend trucking school. So, is it worth it to complete a CDL training program?

Starting a Trucking Career

No matter what, to have a career in trucking you will have to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License. Specifically, to get your CDL in Ohio, you’ll have to meet medical, vision, and residency requirements. You’ll need to pay the CDL permit fee, pay the different testing fees, provide the appropriate vehicle for testing. Lastly, you will have to pass the knowledge and skills tests to receive your license.


Each CDL program is a combination of classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training with experienced instructors. They make sure our students master different maneuvering skills, know the rules of the road, and can help them understand the trucking lifestyle. This ensures that every student meets the hiring requirements of our employment partners at the time of graduation. As a graduate, you will be qualified to hit the road in their new career as soon as you are done with the CDL training.


  1. As a graduate of a CDL training program, you can have confidence that you are qualified for a trucking career.
  2. You’ll also benefit from the lifetime job placement assistance the school offers. At Napier, graduates can ask us for job placement assistance at any time during their career as a professional truck driver.
  3. Attending a CDL training program can give you access to tuition assistance programs.
  4. A CDL training program gives a student more than just technical skills. It can give students behind-the-wheel experience, access to trained instructors and provides an understanding of what the job – and lifestyle – entails.
  5. You have the opportunity to build relationships with instructors and other students looking to get into a career in trucking.

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