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Choosing the Best Seat for Your Truck

Sitting in the Lap of Luxury

Finding the right seat for your truck is an incredibly important decision. As a long-haul trucker, you’ll be spending many dedicated hours in your seat and it is worth taking your time to find the seat that is right for you. We’re here to help get you started with some of the top truck seats available today!

Knoedler Air Chief

Knoedler Manufacturing is a Canadian based company that creates a wide range of truck seats, many with customizable specifications. The truck seats all vary in price from moderate to very expensive.

The Knoedler Air Chief is an on-highway truck seat boasting a plethora of add-on features in addition to a great standard package. The standard features include a 20-inch wide seat, removable and adjustable headrest, fully reclining backrest, a triple chamber 4-way air lumbar support system, 3 position seat cushion and tilt adjustment, armrests, poly-dynamic air-suspension, 7 inch fore and aft sides and more! The Air Chief also has 10 add-on options for added comfort. However, add-ons will increase the price of the seat so bear that in mind when considering an upgrade.

Bostrom Pro Ride

Bostrom Seating makes seats for everything from vans to heavy-duty trucks. They also carry a range of mattresses, suspensions, fitting kits, and parts that may be worth checking out.

The Pro-Ride has a unique flex support system designed to reduce discomfort and fatigue. The two-piece cushion and back aid in maintaining your seat while the wider suspension footprint helps absorb bumps and reduce road vibrations. This innovative and ergonomic design promises to provide superior comfort and a reduction in fatigue during long drives.

National Admiral CT

The National Admiral CT offers a unique type of comfort when it comes to truck seats. The Admiral CT now includes a ventilation system. Using their comforter ventilation system, the Admiral CT helps keep drivers cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with active air movement that circulates air in the cushion and back of the seat. This seat also offers an exclusive Back Cycler system, longer armrests, and an air suspension system.

ISRI 5030/880 Deluxe

ISRI has developed a truck seat that is a little easier on the wallet, yet provides standard comfort with an ergonomic design. The 5030/880 is said to be a seat that is built to last and includes many comfort-enhancing features with a dual chamber lumbar support system, adjustable armrests, seat cushion adjustment, and backrest adjustment. While this seat may seem lacking in luxury, it is an affordable and comfortable option.

Sears Atlas II DLX

This Sears Atlas II DLX is a self-proclaimed best seller for Suburban Seating and Safety. It comes in a variety of colors and has several features for added driver comfort. The Atlas II includes a ToggleLink Air Suspension®, Comfort Zone back frame structure, 22-inch wide seat and back cushions, quad chamber air lumbar support, and a map pocket. This model may not be overly fancy, but it has its own bells and whistles that make it a seat worth considering.

When you purchase your truck seat you are making an investment in your career. Careful consideration and research are a must before you choose your new seat as your seat will make a huge difference in your driving experience, health, and enjoyment in trucking!

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