Pictured is the exterior of the historic Ford's Theater.

Truckers see some interesting sights

You wouldn’t expect a commercial truck driver to have an inside knowledge of historic theater layouts. But, then again, the job of a professional trucker can take you on some pretty interesting trips.

On the Land Line Media blog last month, truck driver Lee Strebel recounted his visit to the historic Ford’s Theater.

“The way that theater was built, it’s just about opposite of the way theaters today are built,” Strebel was quoted as saying in the blog post. “The seating in the theater on the main floor usually is raked, where people are sitting, but in the old Ford Theatre, the way they built things in the 1800s, the seating was flat, and the stage was raked. So everybody still had a good seat to watch any kind of production. I guess if you’re an actor, you’ve gotta be in pretty good shape because you’re walking up and downhill all day long during the performance. There’s not a level spot on that stage.”

Strebel was at the theater to pick up a shipment of stage supplies. The theater in Washington D.C. is most famously know as the site where John Wilkes Booth fatally shot President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

Strebel acknowledged that Washington D.C. is not always a trucker’s favorite destination. “For so many drivers, Washington, DC, and New York City… drivers don’t want to go there (because of the traffic),” he said. “Where I went, it’s two blocks off Pennsylvania Avenue… Two blocks down and six blocks west is where the White House is. That’s how close you are to that theater. Lincoln walked there that night as rumor had it.”

In his post about Strebel’s visit to the theater, blogger Greg Grisolano said, “Sometimes it’s the destination, not the journey, which makes the trip worthwhile.”

Trucks ship the majority of cargo that is moved in the country, and while that includes common items like food and lumber, it also includes the more rare items like theater supplies and other items that make for an interesting destination.

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