Pictured is the light brown Napier building that District Director Frank DeBrosse visited.

District Director Frank DeBrosse visits Napier

Since 2013, we have helped more than 500 men and women begin new careers as professional truck drivers, and we are proud to announce that Napier Truck Driver Training School has been recognized as one of the most successful schools in the region by numerous organizations! On Thursday, July 17, 2014 District Director Frank DeBrosse (staff member for Speaker of the House John Boehner) came out to the campus to see first hand one of the most successful WIA and truck driving school partnerships in the country!

CVTA Executive Director Don Lefeve was also on campus discussing the success we have had in helping to put people back to work in the tri-state area. Josh Shaffer, Randy Stillings, Brian Breese and Stacy Scroggs were here from Schneider National delivering a new orange trailer to the campus. Jay Sewell from Sewell Motor Express and Michael Fleharty from All-Rite Ready Mix were also here discussing opportunities for students in the trucking industry!

We started off the morning with Aimee Napier (President of Napier Truck Driver Training School) giving an overview of the organization and the training programs. Guests toured the campus and classrooms, and met with a few of the instructors and other supporting staff members. We had them observe a few of our students during training sessions out in the yard, where Frank DeBrosee got in on the driving action himself! He watched as students went through the pre-trip inspection, learned proper entrance and exit of the truck, shifting patterns, and then got a chance to practice his skills of starting, stopping and backing a combination vehicle!

We truly appreciate the time everyone took in coming out to the campus and spending time here with out students and staff. It was a pleasure to meet with everyone, and of course welcome everyone back any time! Here are a few photos from the events of the day!